The Fish who could Swallow the Sea

by Pivot Clowj

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Floydien Slip A rerelease of Pivot Clowj's first album that features excellent songwriting and a great sound. It's easy to see how PC got a record deal based on the strength of this album alone, and the genius shines through here! Favorite track: Clench.
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This is mostly a digital reissue of the 1994 cassette, "the Fish who could Swallow the Sea". It was the demo that got us the record deal with both Flaming Fish and Tooth and Nail. It was the demo that got us shows at numerous clubs and venues.


released October 5, 1994

Jon Sonnenberg: Drum sequencing, programming, synthesizers, processing, vocals

Robert Gutschow: Synthesizers, processing

Additional Help:

John Kopko: Sampling assistant

Claude S: Recording Consultant

Recorded at Ka-Boom
Additional mastering by Byron Kane and Cyrus Rex

Cover by Matt Bowman

Tracks 1-11 originally released on cassette

All Songs written by Jon Sonnenberg (BMI) 1994, 2006



all rights reserved
Track Name: Your Majesty
The snake that I had captured got away went to play
didn't say the things that I would like it to
and so I felt like shouting cause I couldn't get the snake to speak
it just would keep on hissing, hissing, bitching
my thoughts go out entirely for snakebites never heal
and that poor unknowing boy who is dead
tried to warn him tried to
teach him of the things of danger keep him from the things of harm
but he didn't listen cause they never do - little boys
and now I sit here wondering why I didn't fry the snake in grease
and eat it - I could use the food
and little boys would still be living, laughing, shouting,
screaming when they do not get their way
so maybe it is better to keep the snakes alive
keep them free - let them do just what they want to
and maybe I am glad to see the killing streak continue
it's survival of the fittest of the bravest of the wisest
of the law
should have stayed at home, my little boy
and watched your rose
and kept your planet clean.
Track Name: Division
Division Divided
Hit Run
Solution Leftover
Fact Fall
Suspicion Excluded
Hide Pull
Persistence Exhale Fear
Do do do do do do do....
Division Focus
Position Myth
Exclusion Fiction
Sudden corner turning left
Hate It Exhale Fear
do do do do do do do...
Track Name: Mind on a String
Night falls white halls balconies of ice sliding lawns
Fields send me away when you're made of gold
Molds and monument stole an hour's time
And still someday we will talk again
Friends who keep you up in time of need
Friends who lie to keep you on your feet
Friends who don't count lives by what they see
Me, I'm just the cold ash on the heat
When you see me falling my mind on a string
When you see me crawling my mind on a string
When you hear me calling my mind on a string
And so I will see you stretch out and weep
Spirit life calls green with eyes of blue
See light soon night's dark and friendly smile
Roller car doors slam on my support
Left with drawings of people I once knew
Track Name: Doubting
Your head is shaking
I want to cheer you
I want to take your doubts away
Maybe I'll just have to wait to wait
It makes me sad to hear you cry
It shakes me up when tears fall
I seek answers
I seek answers
I seek answers
Questions are obvious
Who's to blame? (if anyone)
Track Name: The Aging Faucet
Silent in our rocking chairs our hairs are standing straight, it's late
their crawling on the floor, pounding on our ears so we can't hear
this penetration to this darkness I'll reside and here I'll hide
no sense in what your telling me
no sense in what your telling me
no sense in trying to tell me that I'm still a little boy
though I play with toys and synch with noise
my laughing house is all your fault
this dripping faucet I adore
forever dripping, giving more
no reason to go thirsty anymore
immune to all those tiny clocks that try to wake us but we sleep
and keep pressing buttons at it rings
and still you try to wake me try to break me
but hear I'll weep
no sense in what you're telling me
no sense in wanting to be free
no sense in your position you are fiction
you can try and tease me try and please me
and who's to blame - it's you not me
breathing in the thin air is prolonging life
sinking falling huddled in the corner at the ball
this dripping faucet I adore
forever dripping, giving more
no reason to go thirsty anymore
this dripping faucet I adore
forever dripping, giving more
no reason to go thirsty anymore
Picking up the candy trail on the floor will lead to more
my itching feet however will not budge... HA
my heart is getting colder now
I'm opening the folder now
I feel I'm getting older now
fluffing up the pillows
and knocking down the walls
maybe dangerous it may be best
to save the rest it's your turn
saluting stars respect for man
polluting 7 papers in the air
it's there everywhere
this dripping faucet I adore
forever dripping, giving more
no reason to go thirsty anymore
this dripping faucet I adore
forever dripping, giving more
no reason to go thirsty anymore
this dripping faucet I adore
forever dripping, giving more
no reason to go thirsty anymore
anymore anymore
Track Name: 16 Days
And they're killing the future
and I know we've seen better days
and I hear all their laughing
disregarding their past
with closing in snapshots
and minds full of new ideas
with nothing to help us and nothing to feel
and my everyday feelings that stand in your way
keep pushing keep fighting
with nothing to say
Track Name: Mack and the Fisherman
could I handle myself if others weren't around
can I carry your weight if you held me down
and when I mess up will you remain the same?
abort the sinner burn the crooks and nothing will remain
my purse is empty mind is full
and mercy's knocking down my door
I crack my whip I chain the slaves
even though they don't exist
the clutter of the rubble the burning of the trees
and empty stone in sinking sand is causing our disease
excess jelly in our toes
excess steam floating low
excess power excess guilt
excess mind control because of me
because of me
Track Name: Dreaming
There are none. these are mostly syllables.
Track Name: Siamese
I'm boxing with this rogue whose reflection is mine
and I sense his freedom though his so familiar grin
tells stories otherwise
the facts are clear the broken throat
the remaining of the day that seems to coast through the past
I'm eating with this mime whose relation is mine
and whose laughter leaves and open mouth of food
many times I play this game - always tie my shoe and laugh
and it always happens just a step away
where is freedom now?! time... time
looking on.. looking on
I'm sitting with this swine whose connection is mine
and perhaps I'll keep on waiting through the night
and remaining of the day
and I'll see the high winds blow and knock the
bees off of my back
I'm boxing with this rogue
I'm sitting with this swine
I'm boxing with the rogue
I'm eating with this mime